Hello To everyone 

I would introduce myself to all my new followers. My name is Gilberto Ramírez aka (Gilbert or Master Coupons ) and i'm 28 years old.. I train to understand why Is aways my 28 Bday i'm Mexican (Hablo Español)....i do full time Coupons. I started couponing at the end of 2016 and i love it. And providing my service since 2014 ( collecting Inserts for you ) I love helping people save money and that's the main reason to I provide my service. If i can help just 1 person save a  cents that makes me feel good. I am 100% newbie friendly. There is no such thing as a dumb question and my messages are always open to help you! I love getting to know my followers and I am so very grateful for all of you! I try my best to answer everyones questions but keep in mind i'm only one person so if i ignore your question it's not intentionally it may just mean i didn't see it (i mean i am human... I think ) Anyways hope you guys are having a great day and if you guys ever see me at store say hi  i'm hello nice and will even help you out with any questions and give you some coupons...well maybe 😂😂.Pls if you have any questions text me here is my number for coupons 562-362-1116 If you what to invite me to breakfast, brunch, Dinner, Coffe or a drinks  you have my number you have my number.